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Kurds are the biggest ethnic group in the world without their own state

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Kurdish Links



The best Kurdish links

The best kurdish links-2

The best kurdish links3

The best krdish links 4

The best kurdish links5

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Linki Kurdi

Kurdistan Democratic Party(KDP)

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)

Institute of kurd in Paris

Arabic Links& English Links:-

Everything about Islam

Arabic & Foreign newspapers

Arabic Magazines

Dictionary for most of languages

Linki Arabi

Flash in Arabic


Tafseer of dreams

Islam & Science (in Arabic language)

Linki Englisi

How you can exchange the money quickly(Beuro de change)

Make your own story by entering some words by skeletal hand

People dispensary for sick animals(charity organisation)

Poultry Breeding (Jorakani palawar )

The Poultry page

making banners,buttons and animations

Pick up a card, the cat will know which one you selected (It is magic)

Magic Cat- Pshilai Sihrbaz


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